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6 Most Useful Social Media Marketing Tools

6 Most Useful Social Media Marketing Tools

In this day and age, our lives are very much tied to our social media accounts. We use it to tell people what we do, where we are, and even communicate. We go online and scroll through our newsfeed for hours each day. Because of this, marketing professionals see it as a great platform where they can promote a business or a brand and they are keen on taking advantage of it. If you are planning to build your own business, you should, too.

We are often bombarded by ads, promos, and press releases whenever we check our social media accounts. We also see different brands respond to the comments of people on their posts and photos no matter what time of the day it is. If you are wondering how they do this, the answer is easy: they use different social media tools for business.

The main purpose of these social media marketing tools is to help marketers maintain a strong online presence. They perform a wide variety of tasks – from posting, to communicating with the audience, and even analyzing the effectiveness of your campaign. Some of them are free to use, while others are paid.

There are hundreds of social media marketing tools out there, so it may be tricky to choose the best ones for you to use in your own projects or businesses. If you are looking for the best social media tools that will not waste your time, this guide will help you choose the right ones to use.


Social network tool for managing accounts

If you maintain a lot of social media accounts, then Buffer would be great for you. It allows you to schedule posts in different social media sites all in one place. You can simply queue all the things that you want to post and pick a day and time when you want it to be published in your account. By doing all the work on Buffer, you are free from the hassle of signing in to multiple accounts and you can save a lot of time.
Buffer has a very friendly user interface that any person can easily understand. All you need to do is sign up for a free account, link all your accounts, and you can start working immediately! There is no need to watch online tutorials to figure out how to use its features.
Plus, Buffer can give you an analysis on how your posts have been performing. It can pinpoint which ones got the most engagement from your followers and which ones did not catch much attention. You can use the information that you get from this analysis to improve your social media marketing strategy.


Social media tool for content marketing
Edgar is a very unique software for social media marketing – instead of working with new posts, it allows you to work with old posts. You see, a certain post gets better exposure and higher engagement when you share it several times. So, Edgar studies your content and your target demographic in order to determine the best time to publish your old post again.
After your old post has been published, Edgar will not remove it from the queue. Instead, it moves it to the very end of the line and will publish it again once everything on your queue has already been published. This effortless way of recycling old posts will save you a lot of time.


Social Clout

management tool for social media

Social Clout is an analytics tool that tracks engagement for all of your posts. It generates a detailed report on which posts are performing well and which ones don’t.
What makes it different from other analytics tools is that it can effectively calculate social media ROI. This will help you focus on the real goal – profit – and not easily get blinded by the huge number of likes, shares, and comments.




Content curation tool for social media

Before you come up with a post, you need to know what is trending and talked about in the internet, so you can join in the conversations. Feedly can help you with that. It gathers the freshest content from blogs and websites that are relevant to your business and sorts them into different categories. This way, you wouldn’t have to check out individual sites just to see what new content they have.
Feedly can also help if you want to share content directly from a blog or a website. You can integrate it with Buffer or Hootsuite and schedule when you want to publish the post.

Social Rank

Understand your social ranking

Engaging with you followers is equally important as publishing posts. But, it would be wise for you to identify the followers who will help you make an impact. Social rank helps you sort your followers on Twitter and Instagram based on different categories that may be relevant to you during a certain period of time.
Social Rank can identify which followers are based in a certain location, which ones fall under the same group, and which ones share the same interests. You can also use keywords for a more refined search.



Canva helps make social media images

Nowadays, it is clear to see that visual posts are getting more attention and engagement from followers. So, it is vital to come up with new graphic posts as quickly as possible without compromising the quality of the design. This is where Canva can help you.
Canva is an online graphic design platform that helps you generate a variety of graphic designs in just a matter of minutes. It has hundreds of beautiful templates that you can use. They come in different sizes that are perfect for social media sites. All you need to do is simply click on your desired size, choose a template that works for your campaign or post, and fill-in the right text. You can also add a few elements – like your logo – if you want.
Canva is one of the best free social media tools and has a user interface that is very easy to understand. There is no need to worry about your graphic design needs any longer.

The Bottom line
Social media marketing is a lot of work, but there are hundreds of tools in the Internet that can help you with every task. Look for the one that you are comfortable with and take advantage of the many features that it offers. It will save you time and let you spend your hours on doing something else that is productive.

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