20 of the Best Calls to Action Examples for Your Social Media Content

20 of the Best Calls to Action Examples for Your Social Media Content

Best Call to Action Phrases Examples

Are you struggling with converting your social media campaigns into real audience? Most of us have the same challenge. People look at your social media posts but do not take the action you want them to. What you are missing is the right call to action (CTA).

In this article, you will find 20 of the best Call to Action (CTA) examples for your social media content. You are free to use them for your social media marketing campaigns.

So what exactly is a Call to Action (CTA)?

Let’s go to Wikipedia for the definition of a Call to Action. It defines call to action as:

Any text or image designed to prompt an immediate response or encourage an immediate sale.


Essentially a call to action is any method that you use to get consumers or your target audience to take prompt action. Any commercial or ad without a good call to action is considered ineffective.

You are probably familiar with the call to actions like “Click Here” or “Buy Now”. Everyone has seen these CTAs so often that they will not be forced to click through those links or buttons.

What is a call to action in marketing - Example

Example of a Buy Now – Call to Action

So in order to have an effective social media campaign you need innovative Call to Actions.

20 Best Calls to Action Phrases

Here is a massive list of the 20 Best Call to Action Phrases Examples that you can start using. Your Thanks are accepted in the comments section below!

You can use the Call to Actions in your campaign. Remember to replace the ‘[Your Link]’ part of the CTA with your actual link.

  1. Share With Your Colleagues: [Your Link]
  2. Like This! [Your Link]
  3. Be There or Be Left Out. [Your Link]
  4. Hope To See You Soon! [Your Link]
  5. Please Share With Your Friends And Fans: [Your Link]
  6. What Are Your Thoughts On ______ ? [Your Link] (add your topic in the blanks)
  7. How Would You Handle ______? [Your Link] (add your topic in the blanks)
  8. Read This Post Now: [Your Link]
  9. Have You Ever ______? (interesting question related to your topic)
  10. What’s YOUR Favorite ______? [LINK] (tie it in with your topic)
  11. This Article Will Teach You How To ______: [Your Link]
  12. SIGN UP! You’ve Got Nothing To Lose: [Your Link]
  13. Reserve Your Seat! [Your Link]
  14. Limited Seating Available: [Your Link]
  15. Want A Sneak Peek At ______? [LINK]
  16. QUICK QUESTION: Do You Prefer A or B? (enticing comments or engagement)
  17. You Don’t Want To Miss _______! [Your Link]
  18. This Is THE Solution For ______: [Your Link]
  19. This List Is Filled With Resources For ______: [Your Link] (add your topic in the blanks)
  20. Find Out More at [Your Link].

Here are 5 bonus CTAs that you might find handy.

  1. Learn More at [Your Link]
  2. Find Your _____ at [Your Link] (useful if you are selling something)
  3. Get The Details. [Your Link]
  4. Experience The Difference! [Your Link]
  5. Try For Free. [Your Link]

Why all of Your Content Should Come with a CTA

At every stage of your social media marketing strategy, you should be thinking about conversion. Getting your audience to take the action that you need is the most important conversion factor.

The right social media call to action can help you achieve your goals. The call to action must prompt your readers to take an action.

Go beyond just using “Click Here” or “Buy Now” for every single CTA that you need use.

Do you have any other CTA’s to add to this list? Share them in the comments section below.

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