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Customer Care via Social Media

Customers love service through social media

All too often today, business owners fail to see the power and the impact of social media. The only thing that is seen by many, especially the smaller businesses, is the cost.

They don’t see it as an investment in their business, thus the competition builds the only positive social network in their area, around their given niche.

Guess who the defacto expert becomes in that particular market. You guessed it, the active social member.

Great customer service lives on social media

If we asked this question, I bet most would get it wrong.

What does your customer consider a great customer care experience?

Most would probably think of the most personal touches immediately. A phone call to ensure their service is still great. Maybe a birthday email. Something only they get, and unannounced.

Business is about relationships.

The truth is a bit more than that. The truth lies in social media and it’s countless channels.

They want social engagement from you, for all to see

Sounds crazy right?

But think about it. We all know that social signals play a huge role in branding your company. They build trust in your audience and allow them to share their brand loyalty for others to see.

It can also be a place where your business can die, if you handle social media incorrectly. Thick skin is the key.

Consider any negative comments toward the brand or it’s products as an opportunity to show the world that you care about customers and feedback. That feedback is what helps you to determine how to improve your products or services too.

There is no better way to target your perfect audience

Most importantly, the world can see you are real and there to represent your company, through the good or the bad. It gives the disgruntled user a chance to vent their frustration.

It gives you a chance to shine! Please that customer in front of the world, make it right. And NEVER, remove the thread.

Show off that amazing customer service. We can surely help if you need some social media management assistance.

If any of this sounds crazy, check out this awesome infographic.

It provides tons of awesome reasons to start thinking about social media in a way that is FOR your client and your business.

I think you will quickly learn that the cost of social media is only a factor if your aren’t using it.

Social Media is the Ultimate Branding Tool

OK, so I didn’t mention branding much in the beginning. I think about checking out the graphic though, you can see this is essentially all about branding.

It’s about making it super easy for a visitor to immediately trust your company and want to do business with you.

It’s about using these free channels to better serve your customers and build legions of loyal brand enthusiasts.

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