Social Media for Dentists - 7 Marketing Ideas for Painless Campaigns

Social Media for Dentists – 7 Marketing Ideas for Painless Campaigns

Social Media for Dentists - 7 Marketing Ideas for Painless Campaigns

Upgrade your Dental Practice with Social Media for Dentists

Your dental clinic may already be active on social media. You may have setup your account & your pages for social media. But, are you getting real patients out of them?

It is time to change things a little and get serious with social media. In order to gain the most of your social media activity, you need a proper strategy. If your practice wants a piece of the pie, it becomes important to start a social media marketing plan for dentists.

This article will provide you with 7 Marketing Ideas for your Social Media Campaigns.

Why is Social Media Important for Dental Clinics

Dentists didn’t have to rely on social media in earlier days. Ads in the newspapers, word of mouth marketing would all help dentists grow their dental practice.

However, in 2020, most of the audience include the dental patients will be on social media. Social media is not all same. It has different channels such as blogging, video marketing, posts, paid ads, and podcasts.

Social media is becoming one of the first resources people turn to when looking for more information about their dental health or dental services near them.Social Media for Dentists - 7 Marketing Ideas for Painless Campaigns

44% of patients are happy to establish contacts with dentists on social media.

Social media was used in 52% of dental practices, the most common being Facebook. The use of social media was most commonly for marketing purposes (91%).

So if your office doesn’t have a social media for dentists strategy in place, you are missing out. You can use these tips to get your social media marketing campaigns started.

7 Marketing Tips for Dentist Social Media

  1. Include All Relevant Details On Your Social Pages:

    When some one is looking for a dentist, they will either search on Google or on the social media platform. Your goal is to provide sufficient details for the visitors to contact you. In order to do this, you should list all relevant details on the platform.

    Different social media platforms provide different options for your details. The least that any platform will provide is a link back to your website. You should add your website address on your profile page.

    Facebook business pages allows you to add your physical address, phone number, website, and other relevant links to your profile. You should fill all of this information, so you don’t miss a single chance to get contacted.

    Marketing Tips for Dentist Social Media - 1

    In the example above, one of the dental clinic in distant Nepal has provide all the details. This looks brilliant on Facebook. It even gives the price range and timings of the clinic.

    The feature to open Maps on the web or on mobile helps your patients know how close your clinic is.

  2. Share Engaging & Relevant Content:

    Your social media platform is not only a vehicle to obtain bookings. You should also use it to show case that you know your practice. You can use social media to demonstrate your authority in the space of dental hygiene.

    Patients are not too bothered about terms such as Apicoectomy or Bicuspid. They want to know in simple language how they can improve their oral hygiene. You can provide valuable tips to your patients for oral hygiene.

    Here is an example of a post made on Facebook by Dental Hygiene. It is humorous in nature yet conveys the right message.

    Marketing Tips for Dentist Social Media - 2

    Your practice can get additional visibility, if people share or like your posts. People are known to share posts that they believe are more informative, so others can read them too.

    The more people share your posts, the better your social media profile becomes.

  3. Know Your Audience:

    Do you know who makes dental buying decisions in a house?

    Of course, you do. Women of the house make most of the dental buying decisions.

    So, if you would like to attract new patients, your target group should be women and especially moms. You should create content that is tailored to them. While creating content, you should try and encourage them to visit and take their family members to the dentist regularly.

    A very good example of targeting the moms, is by telling them about oral hygiene practice for their children. Look at this Pin from Pinterest below:

    Marketing Tips for Dentist Social Media - 3

    I think this pin is brilliant. It’s useful, informative and is not dry.

    Pinterest is the social media platform that is widely used by women.

  4. Pose Questions To Your Followers:

    If you really want to see engagement on social media, likes & shares is one way. However, the best way to improve engagements, is by asking questions. Posing questions to your followers will get them to respond.

    Social media platforms thrive on engagements. As people answer your questions, they may share your post or pin with their own circle.

    The questions you pose should be related to dental or oral hygiene. The questions need not be only about your dental clinic.

    Some of the other tools that the platforms provide you to boost engagement are:

    • Facebook Live,
    • Twitter Chat,
    • Instagram Live,
    • Instagram “Ask me anything”, and
    • Reddit “Ask me anything”.

    Conduct a Question & Answer session and ask your audience to participate so they can talk about their dental queries. Announce the chat on your social media pages and promote the event beforehand.

    Here is a good example of a Reddit Ask Me Anything sub that got some amazing response.

    Marketing Tips for Dentist Social Media

  5. Use Contests Wisely:

    This is one the most tried and true ways to stay ahead in the competition in social media. Arrange at least one contest every six months to attract more clients.

    Here are two quick contest ideas that a dental practice can use.

    • “Caption This” Contest
      Caption contests make for successful campaigns because you can showcase your funny side. Your patients can also use the contest to showcase their unique personality.Before you start the contest, please mention how you will choose the winner. Few options are you pick the winner, randomly choose the winner, or choose the winner with most votes (or likes).
    • “Share Your Smile” Photo Contest
      This one is brilliant, because it works with the fact that people can show their teeth. Smiling pictures are most shared obviously. As with the caption contests, winners can be chosen by you or voted on with likes.

    Here is one example of the “Share Your Smile” contest.

    Marketing Tips for Dentist Social Media - 5

  6. Request For Reviews:

    90% of consumers stated that positive reviews influenced their buying decisions, according to a survey.

    While this has nothing to do with you being proactive on social media, this is important. It may not come easy to some dentists, but you should ask for reviews or recommendations. Get the timing right though. You do not want an upset patient burning you on social media.

    As a dentist, you will have your favourite patients. Get them to place the reviews, ratings or recommendations. Indulge them by building a referral program, so that they feel motivated to post about your clinic on social media.

  7. Use Paid Ads:

    Social media ads are also know as Sponsored Content. These provide an excellent opportunity to target new patients.

    You can target specific audiences with similar interests or by location. Targeting by location gives you the advantage of only focussing on people in the vicinity.

    Paid ads on social media platforms is cheaper than some other forms of advertising. Use ads to reach a maximum number of relevant people within a short space of time.

    With paid ads, your posts, pins or profile will be shown to your target audience. This will boost your brand awareness by reaching your target audience and increase conversion.

Key Metrics to Monitor for Your Social Media Campaigns

Here are 3 key metrics to keep a track of to assess the performance of your campaigns:

  1. Follower Growth. Watch as your followers grow and it leads to higher number of patients.
  2. More Engagement. If your likes, comments, & shares are increasing, then you know you’re providing valuable content that your patients are interested in.
  3. More traffic. The more people you see visit your website, the larger interest you are gaining and the more you are growing the dental practice brand.

Using Social Media Marketing

Social Media is one of the easier ways to attract new patients to your dental clinic. However, there is no one size that fits all dental practices. If you wish to be successful online, then you need a good strategy.

I am hoping that the 7 Marketing Tips in this article give your strategy the required boost.

With these tips you can create a brand that is liked by your patients. You can also remove the mask of formality and let your personality shine through social media. This can build loyalty amongst your patients.

Social media is also good way to attract new potential patients.

It is never too later to optimize your social media profile. So get started now.

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