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Social Media Marketing Best Practices to Notice

social media marketing best practices

Where are your customers at when they spend time on social media? Are they on Pinterest or Twitter, or YouTube and Instagram?

Wherever they’re at, they’re spending a lot of time on those platforms—almost two hours a day for most people. But not all customers are the same, meaning some people may spend a lot of time on Facebook for one goal and time on Instagram for another.

That’s just one piece of data that’s important to understand about the people who know you and the people you want to know. Your customer isn’t the same as he or she was ten years ago, and they’re not even the same as they were a year ago. They are constantly changing, which means you have to constantly learn about them.

That’s just one of the social media best practices that you have to know and understand—and this graphic explains them.

The Latest Social Media Marketing Best Practices You Need to Know

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