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Understanding Social Media Management Pricing and Packages

Social Media Management Pricing & Packages

The prominence of Social Media Marketing can’t be overstated in 2018. It seems that almost everyone is using social networking sites today, making social media the perfect breeding ground for digital marketers.

To quote a few statistics, 83% of online adults use social networking sites, and YouTube has reached more U.S. adults aged 18-34 than any other social network.

With that kind of traffic statistics, it’s no wonder that online marketers consider Social Media as a great opportunity to attract more customers, generate leads, improve customer loyalty and maximize their returns.

Engage Users with Strategic Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy

SMM, or Social media marketing, is all about engagement. It’s an incredible business opportunity to connect with clients and build a long-term business relationship built on trust and communication.

Capturing your brand’s voice and sharing it with the world through social media will open up incredible business opportunities in different channels of inbound marketing, including sales, public relations, branding, SEO, and more.

Social media marketing can help you with different business objectives, such as:

  • Building conversions
  • Boosting website traffic
  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Improving interaction and communication with key audiences
  • Creating a brand identity and positive brand association

Social Media Management Pricing and Packages

social media management pricing

When looking for a digital marketing agency to manage your social media, you will find that the options are practically unlimited. Every option follows the different pricing and packaging protocols.

Social media companies offer their services in various plans/packages. It includes content writing, posts writing and uploading on various SM platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. where they publish your advertisements and content.

It is best to determine the needs of your brand before you engage the services of a social media marketing agency. Also, the packages you select will depend on the size of your business and its marketing needs.

Most of the companies offer package levels in the following format-

  • Basic Package– This package includes the content that is uploaded a couple of times in a day or a week or month. You can get this package customized as per the needs of your business.
  • Advanced Packages– These are the packages in which the social media companies take full care of your Social Media pages. Starting from the creation, thorough management of these pages, every service is provided by these companies.
  • Social Ad Management– This is the top shelf choice. Not only will the company help you build legions of engaged fans with your social channel, they also make sure you are getting quality paid ads. Most people that use social ads are overspending for meager results and experienced managers change that.

Event Promotion on Social Media

Social media promotion

In the promotion stage, the professionals work on creating strategies for promoting the upcoming event. Content and posts are uploaded to the high-priority websites and new strategies are implemented to enhance your social reach.

The pricing can also vary depending on the following factors:

  • The complexity and amount of work you want the agency to deliver.
  • Different tasks that require manual attention or can be automated.
  • Content will be provided by the company or the agency.
  • Tasks that require pre-scheduling or real-time tasking.
  • The research required every month for the task.
  • Implementation of strategies and campaigns to boost the reach of your business.

By having your priorities straight on the services required, you will be able to save a lot on the social media marketing packages and cut the redundant costs.

Improve Efficiency and Simplify Social Media Management

Simplify Social Media Management Services

As Social Media matures, it is important to make social media marketing an indispensable part of your business strategy and ensure all your ducks are in a row.

Social Media Management has mopped away all the predictable traditions of promoting a business. It has given birth to the techniques that have made promoting your business simpler than ever.

Today, social media isn’t just a medium for the users to interact but also give an open chance to the marketers to establish a market for themselves. Online marketers can extend their social marketing reach by:

  • Empowering social audiences across different networks with effective social publishing, scheduling, and more.
  • Targeting messages by demographic profile or location, and scheduling them to be posted at the right time—automatically.
  • Building local teams to market regionally while controlling your global brand voice.
  • Improving social advertising performance via campaign optimization services and features.
  • Responding to posts swiftly and reducing repeated efforts by directing posts to the right department, person or region.
  • Creating approval work-flows that mimic existing business structure to ensure all posts are compliant and consistent.
  • Managing platform access for your team of agency partners, contractors and employees without sharing passwords.
  • Sharing real-time insights into their competitors, company products, and mentions of the brand.
  • Measuring the impact of social marketing efforts via inclusive social channel reporting.
  • Creating a monthly calendar of different social media activities. Posts can be scheduled in advance to save time and ensure they go live when they have to.
  • Staying current with social media advances, feature changes, latest tools, and best practices of social search algorithms.

Leveraging Social Media to Boost Your Business

Boost your business with social media marketing

Whether you’re launching a new social media management campaign or optimizing the current initiative, social media is always top-of-the-funnel.

The growth of social media is inevitable even in the coming years. So it is important to know how marketers should take its evolving trends and growth.

Here, we have shared the Pros of Professional Social Media to make it a springboard for your business success.

  • Consistent and Relevant Presence– In order to engage your customers, the best approach is to keep your website and social media pages fresh. Professional companies work day and night to improve the presence of your company by posting current affairs, latest happenings of your company, new products that are being launched or just some interesting data to keep your audience engaged and excited.
  • Spread the right word about your brand– It is the agenda of every business owner to spread their presence among buyers so that whenever they need related services, your brand is the one to ring the bell. Talk about your brand till people know it well. That is what these professionals do when they work stringently on increasing brand awareness.
  • Maintaining Relations– Being a social media marketer, your task is not just to bring better leads to the business but also in maintaining healthy relations with the current community. So what you need is a proactive interaction with the customers. The professionals render outreach services in various packages to help you maintain healthy public relations.
  • Increasing The Volume of Followers- It is essential to have timely growth of the followers on your list. But there is no point of meaninglessly adding the number of followers if they are not interested in your products. Quantity will only be fruitful if you have the quality audience. Professionals work on adding quality people to your list with their expert strategies.

The Growth of Social Media- Through the Eyes of Online Marketers

The growth of social media

Social Media marketing has grown significantly and created a benchmark for all the online marketers. It is a flexible podium that allows you to engross your mind and bring newer strategies to the surface.

Social Media has impacted the niche of marketing in humongous ways. There is no limit to the techniques that work with an open channel and every mind can bring evolution with every applied technique.

Listen & Advance: Social media allows you to collect real-time data. Customers these days are highly expressive about how they feel about a certain brand. So, this can be a great way to make advancements in your campaign and business service/product.

Also, it is an ideal way to get information about your competitor and see where you are lagging behind. It’s best to engage the customers by asking their views and featuring them openly so that the reviews can interest more people.

Open your Mind to Social Media: Skilled marketers know how social media has evolved over the years. But there are still some businesses that fail to keep up with the benefits of social media. People are constantly looking for rich information.

With social media, it is your responsibility to make that information available to the readers. That’s the only mantra to prosper in the digital world. The campaigns that you can manage these days can deliver the most productive outcomes. It is high time that practitioners start broadening their offerings to include the new techniques and get the maximum advantage.

What are the Best-Performing Social Networks?

Which social media is the best for business

The growth of every business is directly proportional to the efforts you put while strategizing Social Media Campaigns. Data-driven marketing helps to build a meaningful, insightful user engagement which results in the improved lead generation and sales opportunities.

Online marketers need to be clear about the idea of platforms that can generate the best results for them. First of all, if we speak of the ruling portal then it will be Facebook which has over 2 million users constantly engaged with their accounts.

As per reports, 76% of Facebook users are completely engaged with their profiles. These are the people who routinely check their accounts. And indeed, this can be the best way for the businesses to target audience.

In the last 7 years, the usage of Twitter has unbelievably fallen down. While Facebook has shown massive growth of 461 million users, Twitter has only got a raise of 23 million users.

Instagram, however, has shown some praise-worthy growth by grabbing an equal number of active users as Twitter. WhatsApp – a FB owned product has been giving cut-throat competition to it by reaching out to 1.5 million active users.

Locating the Presence of your Audience

Locating social audience

Your actions can only be productive if you know when and where to make them. The companies must not try to be everywhere but rather, only where they are needed. That’s what we call following a strategy.

The marketers should frame their own strategies and should not just be at some place because their competitors are. There must be an agenda behind every move of your social media campaign.

If you are a real estate agency and your target market is business properties,  there is no point of wasting efforts and time by promoting your brand among individual home buyers. LinkedIn can be your ideal network to promote your product and service to other businesses.

If you are into discrete selling, no other network can serve you better than Facebook  (considering the rapid growth of active users of this network).

For women based products, no other network can serve you better than Pinterest whereas Instagram is ideal to promote fashion pieces.

As you can see there is an influx of choices spinning around. You first need to determine the right platform for your business, then go ahead with your social marketing strategies.

Tracking Metrics for a Social Media Marketing Strategy

Tracking Metrics for a Social Media Marketing plan

No matter how the online social presence of your brand develops, it’s important to delineate and track metrics that align perfectly with your business goals so you can determine what’s working and what’s not.

Google Analytics can be deployed as an incredible social media marketing tool to measure your effective social media marketing strategies and optimize the performance based on the analytical data.

Attach your social media marketing campaigns to the tracking tags so you can evaluate the progress. Make sure to use the analytics within every social platform for detailed insight into your best performing social content.

Social Media Management tools like Brandwatch, BuzzSumo, Edgar, HootSuite, and AgoraPulse give you a chance to optimize your business expenses and build a successful product marketing strategy. These advanced tools let you spot latest trends, assess your content performance, and provide you with real-time information.

Final Words:

By now, we’ve all heard how important —even valuable —social media can be.

Businesses can’t afford to be late to the party. The right social media strategy connects your business with the targeted audience and improves users’ awareness. If you’re not using social media management already, you’re missing out on potential business opportunities.

B2SocialMedia is a digital strategy agency that helps businesses to use integrated marketing campaigns for engaging with prospects, attracting leads and building greater visibility for their brand. Want to Go Social? Contact us today!

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